i always wanted to be a mama. that was my highest career aspiration from the time i was a little girl – so to say i landed my dream job would be an understatement. i am the mama to the two loves of my life, lucky me. 

as long as i can remember, i've always been quite concerned with aesthetics. when i was five, i used to organize the gum displays in the checkout line at the grocery store. order and visual harmony is my love language. 

when i worked in fashion, it was always the brand identity – its logo, look and feel, imagery – that interested me much more than the clothing itself. later, when i worked in the art department at santa barbara magazine, i got closer to what it was that i loved the most: the visual storytelling. i was on countless shoots, soaking up the details, quietly realizing that i wanted to be the one behind the camera. 

then i had my kids. and now i am the one behind the camera. 

i believe wholeheartedly in authenticity: photographing newborns and babies in their natural state – no posing, no props – and photographing families being their sweet selves. 

i like to keep it simple and natural – and above all else, fun. 

i'd love to get together and take photos of you and yours. know that i'll put my entire heart into making something you'll love.

xx sara